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What next :

#1 Create a hardware section
#2 Create a template do describe how to submit a Hardware bounty, maybe even a video Tutorial on Youtube.
#3 Check requirements, eg GPL, time frame, cost to develop, difficulty, minimum progress report.
#4 User submit bounty system for Amiga Hardware, GPL/Mozilla Licence, Paypal donation system.
#5 setup source code root folder location.

#6 Take dontations
#7 Promote job request on, FPGA hardware communities
#8 Receive feedback, modify initial bounty / details missing eg Cost of development.
#9 Interview developers on SKYPE
#10 Hire developer, check progress daily.

For example we could start off with the Opencores 68k cpu + OCS chipset or minimig and increase its speed and target cost of 150 USD to end user.

# Wishbone compatible open core
# GFX (68k RTG driver Radeon / Nvidia)
# 2D effects
# GPU simulated / accelerated OCS chipset
# merge Wishbone SATA controller into design

just a few ideas.

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