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International Amiga Day, May 31st

An interesting idea is developing in this facebook group. The day is Jay Miner's birthday. I think it's a great idea. The excellent Indie Retro News already caught it up and hopefully it will spread soon.

Here is the International Amiga Day manifesto:

We, Amiga users hereby declare the 31st of May as international day of the Amiga, the Home Computer that made us so much fun, that made us begin a carreer, that made us think differently about computers and games and made us a lot of friends with Amigas.

Amiga is Forever and We really want that to happen. Please share the idea with your Amigan friends to keep the Amiga flame forever!

How can you participate? It's easy - On Amiga Day do any of the following Amigan activities:

- You must switch on at least 1 Amiga computer.
- You must run at least 1 Amiga game (emulator is accepted).
- You must „whiten” a yellowed Amiga.
- You must give your non-working Amiga to a technician, who can make a working machine out of the non-working ones. Lather on the reborn working Amiga must be donated.
- In case you are a technician you must make at least one Amiga working from non-working Amigas.
- If you have an Amiga T-Shirt, you must wear it.
- If none of the above you can make a photo of yourself with an Amiga and share it with your friends on any social networks.
- Or whatever Amiga related activity you like...

So, let's make the first International Amiga Day on Jay Miner's 82nd birthday a real celebration of the best ever home-computer - The Amiga!

Please Invite your fellow Amigans and SHARE the Amiga feeling to everybody!

See you on 31st of May of 2014, on the first Amiga Day!

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