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I've tested SoccerKid with real floppies and it's definitely something to do with gotek. Game won't recognize disk change, I've tried five versions of boot disks and it's the same with every adf. At first I used external floppy and X-Copy to transfer from gotek to real floppy and it passed without errors, when I swapped gotek with real floppy those two acted the same as Gotek.

Then I used tsgui to write same ADFs to the same floppies and this time it worked correctly, game recognized floppy change. Game worked fine even on Amiga 600, kick 3.1, 2MB chip and ACA620EC, and also on this A500(+) so it's not "strange" configurations that are problematic.

I used "Soccer Kid (1993)(Krisalis)(M5)(Disk 1 of 4)(Boot)[cr ATX][t +9 ATX].adf" as boot disk in both Gotek and real floppy drive.
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