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Originally Posted by robinsonb5 View Post
Nice! However, be aware that a lot of external drive enclosures don't bother to connect the +12v pin, so check that if you want to use a Gotek drive in an external case.

Interesting - is the storage time of the BC547 not a problem there? (The step signal's nominally high, and goes low very briefly when the head steps.)
This particular buzzer is rated at 5v so you could actually power it from the 5v rail, The reason i tried the BC547 is because i had it handy, it switches on/off fast enough to allow the buzzer to get a good pulse of power to beep. I figure that attaching it to the 12v rail is not overdriving it too much considering the on time

I did try the flat piezo buzzer with this ciruit and it didn't want to play. there are lots of magnetic type buzzers listed here... I am ordering a couple of different ones to test them out

For those people who are intested in how this circuit works, check out this link...

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