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I start without S-S and then lauch 5.90+
Ok, got what you mean. Right, 5.82 runs without s-s fine, but 5.90+ nope. We will check, and if possible fix it (or at least give info why it can't be like this with new version or what should be loaded before). gcc library startup code really different and more hardcore in compare with how sasc shared libs done, so there can be moments.

As for loaddb and stuff you got from amikit: we will check it a bit later, there is a bit of issues we works out to make fastfix (5.91), so step by step.

System: Dopus5>DirectoryOpus
DirectoryOpus: file is not executable
Strange, probably it was broken archive, or too old / or broken unpacker was in use (at least i tried right now on ks3.0 / 020 without and with startup-sequence and binary runs fine). There is some too old 68k lha unpackers which can play games with too recent lha packers on unixes (which we use to pack it all). Aga and RTG all should be fine of course as before with 5.82
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