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You have to options:

1. Buy a "classic" Amiga (an A1200 would be the best option)

On such a computer, you'll be able to run all software (both very old titles and OS4.0, including all the new PPC applications). But you'll need to get a lot of add-ons (a faster processor, a graphics card, a HD controller more RAM etc.), and the computer will always feel "slow" compared to modern PCs, as soon as you want to do something that needs some more CPU power (3D raytracing, watching DVDs, encoding MPEG etc.). You'll need to do a bit of research first (what kind of add-ons do I need, how much should I pay for them), buy all the parts from different sources and then assemble the computer. The price/performance ratio of such a setup will be pretty poor.

I would not recommend this option, unless you really want to run old games and applications.

2. Buy an AmigaOne

This will be more expensive than a classic Amiga, but it has a lot more power and is easily expandable with standard PC parts. It won't run old software and games, you'll have to use UAE for that purpose (there's an Amiga port of UAE available). Any Amiga dealer should be able to sell you bare motherboards or complete systems.

Other than whats listed, can anyone sugest any other sftware that is appropriate for a AmigaONE machine?
Pretty much everything released in the last 10 years (with the exceptions listed above). Tell us what you need and we can tell you what is available.

Sorry about this but lets take the following senario. Lets say that my only requirement for the Amiga is running Freespace, what Amiga would you sugest?
If you don't have an Amiga yet: Use an emulator on a fast PC or buy an AmigaOne. If you already have an Amiga, it should be equipped with either a 68060 accellerator and a 3D graphics card or with a PPC accellerator and (optionally) a 3D graphics card. 64 MB of RAm are required IIRC.

I will require some light wordprocessing software too, also the internet.
"light" word processing software? WordWorth 7, FinalWriter97 and AmigaWriter are available right now. They are good enough for private use, but they can't read/write MS Word documents. If you need to read/write that format, you'll have to wait for Papyrus (which is the best option anyway, but the most expensive one too) or OpenOffice.

Internet: Check the demo version of IBrowse. No CSS yet, no Flash plugin. But apart from that, it works pretty good with the vast majority of web sites. There's also Voyager and AWeb (the latter one is open-source now).

Also, any links where I could pick up this hardware would be apreciated.
The best source for Classic Amiga computers, add-ons and old software is eBay. Additionally, Amiga dealers might be able to give some assistance and may have some hardware add-ons still available. There's an Amiga dealer directory at, the only Amiga dealer down under I can remember right now is AnythingAmiga.

About Amiga, what is the situation wiht putitng Amiga files onto a disk and then using this disk in a PC, could I access the files?
Any Amiga is able to read and write PC floppy disks.
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