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Crash before last part is demo bug (again), it does not disable copper DMA after last part ends, new part loads over old copper list which causes all kinds of bogus copper moves (including write to DSKLEN when loading new track -> crash).

But if chipset is OCS, some previous bogus moves trigger OCS-only "copper dangerous register" condition (OCS copper has smaller writable register range than ECS copper), stopping the copper before DSKLEN write, preventing the crash.

Unfortunately bad landscape data only works (accidentally) with 1M chip RAM. With OCS it hangs.

-> change chipset to OCS before last part to see the final image.

Crash before final image is A500 confirmed (Now it run without hanging, I guess due to different floppy drive), impossible to confirm if it works with OCS chipset without non-broken (which is still MIA) first disk.

This mystery is finally solved! (except non-broken first disk).
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