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Has anyone tried Soccer Kid ECS? I've tried all ADFs from TOSEC pack and it's "no go". First disk (boot) loads fine (tried Fairlight, Ministry ATX versions), then it asks for first disk (second of four), I press the button on gotek, it changes but game doesn't seem to notice I changed the disk, it doesn't even try to read it (floppy led doesn't blink).

I've tried ADFs on WinUAE and they work fine. I thought it may be because my A500 is not quite like standard one. It's Rev8 MoBo that I modded to A500+, added memory chips to empty spots and also inserted standard 512kB memory expansion, so it has 1.5 MB chip ram, also I swapped CPUs so it has 68010 instead of 68000. I configured WinUAE like this but game loaded fine so I'm not sure if it's gotek or Amiga configuration. Kickstart is 1.3.
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