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Originally Posted by Galder View Post
i never managed to give colour through the a520 though. I tried everything.
Oh well, at least the scart cable is working.

Originally Posted by Galder View Post
The only problem is that my lcd TV is very pixelated and the picture looks like an old painting made of dots hehe... It is not always bad though (some games look great like that) and to be honest now I am used to it.
It is not just you. [ Show youtube player ]

I still have my old 1084S in my attic, and if weren't for the spousal approval factor, it would be down here with the A500+. If you are sharing the monitor/tv with other computers/consoles, the alternatives are getting a regular VGA CRT and place a flickerfixer in the Amiga, or get a multi-sync CRT monitor.

EDIT: BTW, on the emulator side, there is an excellent CRT vintage display mode filter(s) working with the [ Show youtube player ]. It would be awesome if the *UAEs of the world implemented such filters for doing the same thing for Amiga's. The current filters (2xSAI, Eagle, PAL and such) are not exactly the same thing. At least we are getting close.

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