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Originally Posted by Leandro Jardim View Post
Well, I got this message, what it is I dont know. I think you want to know what this is all about, so there is a little story...
Not much information.. When booting? When changing some option and returning back to emulator? Screen mode change?

"Remove interlace artifacts" seems to slowdown the emulator even if I dont open a interlaced screen, it gets very slow. "Double fields" and "double fields+" seems to slow it even if a non interlaced screen is frontmost. I may be wrong of everything, naturally.
What mode? Even in normal PAL/NTSC modes? (Programmed modes are totally different world)

Certain combinations of native chipset and RTG options, seems to slowdown the emulation, mainly that from VSync and "Buffer mode" combo boxes, on both "expansions" panel and "display" panel, even without RTG board.
"Seems" is not scientific enough result, also I don't think "Certain combination" is exact enough explanation.

After I copied the Quickstart 1200 to the configuration "2", without modify the RTG options, I ran it, and it crashed. My intention, was to remove any comflict between the RTG options with a fresh configuration.
Where is crash dump file?
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