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WinUAE is focused on compatibility. The emulator was around since the Nineties, and I think that Amiga emulation is almost complete. You can emulate any Amiga model right out of the box (A500, A1200, etc.) or manually create a configuration, which is ideal if you want to emulate any variant like the A1500 or A2500. Now Toni Wilen, the author, is fixing bugs and adding minor features. It is aptly named because it's not available for Mac or Linux.

FS-UAE is new to the race, so it lacks certain features like printer support and graphics card emulation. Unlike WinUAE, you can't manually edit a configuration through the emulator's GUI (FS-UAE Launcher), but since it also stores settings in configuration files you need to manually edit them. The emulator is also available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

I haven't used WinFellow enough to give you a description.

Personally, I both use FS-UAE and WinUAE (through CrossOver).
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