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Originally Posted by Galder View Post
Fortunately though the amiga has a 2.0/1.3 KS switch that plays everything (due to the 1.3 KS).
That is really an awesome treat . You are quite lucky to have bought an A500+ in those conditions, a real steal in this day of hyped up retro platforms in the second hand market.

This might seem ridiculous, but one never knows, as the Amiga has a monochrome composite output built-in. Regarding the A520, are you sure you connected the composite RCA cable to the side of the A520 (Video Out) and not by mistake connected the the yellow RCA output just beside the RGB port? If not, maybe a PAL/SECAM incompatibility between Amiga/A520 and TV set? I'm not that well versed on TV signals to debug from that angle.
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