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Welcome Galder .

Originally Posted by Galder
C. My kickstarter (firmware) is 2.0. Is there a list somewhere with compatible and non-compatible games for that? Can i run all of the A500 games?
Originally Posted by TCD View Post
KS 2.x (and above) does cause problems with games. It's surely more than a few games, but I don't think there's a list around.
If you find Special Reserve member catalogues from late 1991 forward (a UK store which closed some years ago), just look for "(NOP)" after the game titles for the ones that don't work on the A500+. NOP meant "NOt Plus". I might have some of the catalogues/mags of Special Reserve, which I poured countless hours dreaming into, somewhere in my parents' attic, which I won't be getting to soon unfortunately. For the moment, I think there are some Special Reserve limited list adverts in the Amiga Power magazine.

Eventually a neighbor provided me with a KS1.3 disk for loading into 2.0+ machines which loaded the 1.3 ROM into RAM, and stayed in memory until you cold rebooted the Amiga. This means the 500+ was left with probably around 768KB of available RAM, which should be enough for most games which required a 1.3 ROM. In the Special Reserve lists at least I remember Pirates! being one of the buggers that was both NOP and required 1MB, so I guess that one wouldn't work unless you get an A501+ (+1MB chipset memory expansion).

I don't know the KS1.3 rebooter disk's official name. I still have the disk with me, and curiously it was last week checked for errors with XCopy and it is imaged on two of my hard drives. Probably it is in the TOSEC archive, I never got around to figure out what it was. I did see "Relokick" in the archive, to eventually take a look at and confirm.
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