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Originally posted by IanS
As we're on the subject, and as Pyro is a good source of information (and a nice guy even if I do get on his nerves a lot)...

Is there a maximum resolution imposed by the CDXL format, and is it limited to 256 colours?

Does the SSA format look any good on a PC monitor in non interlaced mode?
CDXL can do HAM6 4096 colors and I think if you have an AGA machine you might even be able to create HAM8 256,000 CDXL animations but I have not tried to create anything in HAM8 with CDXL. I know for CDTV the max res and colors was 160x100 in HAM6. I will have to check on if this was the highest res that the format allowed. You might have more flexablity if you were creating CDXL content for CD32. I will shoot Carl Sassanrath an e-mail he created the CDXL format and I am sure he would not mind sharing some info with us about it. Check out aminet for some cool CDXL animations and tools like XLToolKitGUI.

I will give some SSA animations a try on a PC monitor and check the quality. I have to warn you though I am rather spoiled now and my animation formats of choice are Video Toaster Flyer Format and Uncompressed Video Toaster [2] RTV animation files. Both of these exceed broadcast quality so SSA animations might not look very impressive to my eyes today.
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