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Hello from a new old coder


I live in France, not very far from Paris.
I've had two Amiga: the first was an Amiga500, i played a lot with this one ! I tried to code, but couldn't even manage to do something good with Amos (a Basic language, quite fast).

Then i've bought a PC in the nineties, and sold my Amiga500.
I was bored, i missed my Amiga. I sold my PC, and bought an Amiga1200 in ~1994/1995 (don't remember).
But the magic was not here anymore, everyone was moving to PC, and i didn't used it much…
I still own the A1200, in its box.

Recently, i read a blog post about fs-uae (i'm on Linux) and decide to give a try to it. I have left all my reflexes of «Amiga man», but it's a strange impression to see Workbench - springing from the old days…

I've decided to learn 68000 assembly, just for the fun of it. It doesn't seem too complicated, and this family of processor is very «clean» compared to the mess of x86 (i've practiced a bit assembly on x86 family).

So… see you in code section, because i've already some questions
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