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Hello. New images (from

SJ HDMI Module A1200/RFM:
Click image for larger version

Name:	SJ_HDMI_Module_A1200RFM.jpg
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ID:	40006 Click image for larger version

Name:	SJ_HDMI_Module_A1200RFM_2.jpg
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Size:	191.0 KB
ID:	40007

It goes in place of the RF modulator. Supports HDMI CEC, as well as DDC/CI.

SJ Video Clock Gen Module:
Click image for larger version

Name:	SJ_Video_Clock_Gen_Module.jpg
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ID:	40008

It's a user-replaceable module holding the video clock generator IC (until making sure it works on the long run, then it goes back on-board). Doesn't affect fitting.

More to come in 1-2 days, supposedly.

@roy bates: Topmost point of the main card is 11.5mm, so it fits under the Mediator. Although, probably the A1200 RJ45 Module won't fit in the tower (it fits in a desktop case), Dezz will provide another solution soon for tower users.

@bubbob42: The main card certainly fits under the PCI bridge-board for A4000 Mediator. Also, the A4000 RJ45 Module should fit with cards in the original busboard. It's to be verified if it was fitting with the Mediator, as well. Dezz will provide a solution if it wasn't.

@Nostromo: AFAIK it does.

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