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Yeah, that what i call mess and mix. As told many times : new version should be installed _from scratch_ , without previous 5.82. Sorry, but that is. No old assigns, no old envs, nothing from old 5.82 version. Everything should be new, sorry. There was reasons for that.
Hmm... it seems you misunderstand what I mean or tried to explain (bad?). I start without S-S and then lauch 5.90+ (own directory of course). So there is (can`t be) no mix of any kind. At this point 5.90+ don`t start, just eat some fastram each time lauched. Same after SetPatch. Same after next stuff from my S-S. I did a manual lauch and after each S-S line I tried to start 5.90+. While doing this I found the FastIPrefs DOpus5Patch problem.

What I mean with "DOpus5 isn`t made to work like that, right?" was that it doesn`t start after start without S-S and type "pathtoDOpusirectoryOpus". Later (at some point in S-S) it works. So I guess some OS3 stuff (assings?) is needed for 5.90+. I wondered already that you told me (your post #35) to start 5.90+ in this way because I never awaits that it works. Maybe you mean from WB (isn`t possible here for some reason. Would need new clean install).

I never mixed 5.82 with 5.90+! You don`t need to tell this several times. The only "problems" I had was dopus5.library I had in libs: but I had removed it. Later I noticed that there is a patch entry (DOpus5:C). However, everything removed now.

About LoadDB:
This might be a bug in DOpus5 or a "bug" in the 5.82 docs, because they wrote LoadDB (start as WB-Replacement) start DOpus5 and SYS:WBStartup. While my tests I noticed that start of "Directoryopus" (stand alone, no WB-Replacement) also starts SYS:WBStartup. Maybe you mean/understand DOpus5:WBStartup? So you may check for possible bug.

I do not understand what you mean. Did you mean that it works wrong on Amikit's dopus5.82 and on your dopus5.82 ? Or it works wrong on 5.90 only ?
It works here with 5.82 (not tested on 5.90+) as expected. PeterK send me the Amikit (don`t know which version) DOpus5 "workbench" config because it didn`t worked for him. When I load the Amikit "workbench" config on my system it didn`t work here too.

Check out "lister new" from 57.6:
fromicon - will open the new lister using the size and position information from the specified directory's icon (only if a path is specified and an icon exists). Eg, lister new fromicon sys:tools

I get the MuForce hit on my system using 5.82 (no amikit) when the chosen <path> (directory) has no icon. Just create a directory somewhere without icon and use it as <path>. I only mentioned this because you wrote that you plan to release a bufix version soon.

Hope this clears some misunderstandings.
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