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Originally Posted by kas1e View Post

All i found, is that programs that use the ixemul.library can often fail with a return code of 161 (which seems to be a bug in ixemul.library startup code). I found ppls have the same problems with "ffmpeg" 68k binary back in past. Probably that worth of investigate , but as fast workoround to make it works right now, you can just add RUN before command, i.e. working one will be :

tested on my winaue/5.90 : works.

What bug exactly in , and is it indeed bug in ixemul or not, dunno for now.
thanks sir it works now
problem is 7za runs in background there is not output window/progress indicator because you added NIL:
I wonder why on dopus 4 works perfect but on Dopus 5 needs run >nil:
maybe you can fix that
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