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Thanks for the links Pyro.

I still own an Amiga. It's still a cool little machine, if rather underpowered. I'm not saying, and never have said that the Toaster is not good, crap or anything else. It is however obsolete. As in not made any more. It's in the interest of Newtek to repair old Toasters, as these guys want you to buy their new products in the future, when cost/time constraints mean the old stuff needs replacing.

Yes, Windows movie maker is crap. But the only people who would use that program are home users who want to dabble. The Toaster is not and never was "Low End" so why not compare like with like (pricewise)? The Toaster never took off in Eurpope because it uses NTSC, whereas most of Europe uses the slightly higher quality PAL. My simple point is, that studios may invest in a Toaster 2 for their PC, or any of the other high end hardware/software... but there won't be an Amiga and original Toaster in sight these days. It's simply not practical.

Remember the Draco? Remember how much it cost? Remember the last time it was made? Even they went to PC based hardware. And not even hi-tec stuff at that. Things move on, and people like to cling to what they have, especially if they have a lot of time and money invested in equipment. But as good as the Amiga was, it's not top of the heap. Why do you think Newtek have gone to the PC platform?

Nuff said. End of conversation. No more. The evil Microsoft has me converted. AMD has my heart... I there is no more hope for me. :eek
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