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failed returncode 161 amigaos
All i found, is that programs that use the ixemul.library can often fail with a return code of 161 (which seems to be a bug in ixemul.library startup code). I found ppls have the same problems with "ffmpeg" 68k binary back in past. Probably that worth of investigate , but as fast workoround to make it works right now, you can just add RUN before command, i.e. working one will be :

{AmigaDOS} RUN >NIL: c:7za x {f}
tested on my winaue/5.90 : works.

What bug exactly in , and is it indeed bug in ixemul or not, dunno for now.

Here it doesn`t work after start without S-S after setpatch and some other stuff that follows. I guess some assigns, env or other is needed for dopus5. Can`t remember but at some point it worked.
Yeah, that what i call mess and mix. As told many times : new version should be installed _from scratch_ , without previous 5.82. Sorry, but that is. No old assigns, no old envs, nothing from old 5.82 version. Everything should be new, sorry. There was reasons for that.

DOpus5 isn`t made to work like that, right?
It was designed like this before, and designed like this now. It was recommended even before when ppls migrate from 5.5 to 5.8 to re-install all from scratch and the same is necessary now. I know some may be upset because their old settings may fucks in one or another way, but such a live, want progress: deal with such moments (or use old version always).

(don`t know if 5.90+ touch it).
You don't need to know it. You should not have _anything_ from dopus5.82 at first, if you want to use new versions at all. If you have problems with it, then indeed stick with 5.82.

No old LoadDB should be used (you can check yourself content of 5.90, if there is new LoadDB, then there is new LoadDB, and you can't use old one , its different, for different and old version). All files in 5.90 should be used ! No and no of any of your old ones ! No dopusrt, no loaddb, not viewfont, no old modules, no old library, no old main binary, no old hacks, no old patches. Only fresh. Pure, clean, 5.90. And only after it fully works, without problems, only then, you may start to add thing by thing from everywhere, to check if it will works at all or not.

Dopus5.9x are new version. With changes structures, codes, languages, scripts, all kind of shit changed to make it be crossplatform, easy mantained and worked everywhere. Its just unpossible with all that changes and rewrites to keep backward compatibility everywhere. Some 3d party patches, modules will not works at all. Library totally rewritten, modules rewritten, all done to be fine on next updates, but not to keep compatibility with 5.82, because one or two 68k users just can't pack it all, save, clean and install new version.

If you want at all new versions, you should start from clean thing. And install it from scratch, like you first time install it. If that unacceptable for you, then yes, better to use 5.82 for all the times.

Probably later, we may look at creating some sort of script for 68k users to allow update/installing of new version autmatically, but that not priority now (as we have good bunch of real bugs to fix, and hope 68 users can at moment install it as we ask).

I don`t know about a 3d party xadopus.module but the xadopus.module could have conflicts with ArcDir.dopus5 and ArcDir_xad.dopus5
Since 5.90, xadopus.module are default, coming by default, and all archives setuped to use xadopus.module.

You can change it to use ARC scripts or whatever (they come with 5.90 as well), just you do it manually, and if you wish it. But defaults are defaults, and they should be. Later user can set it all as he wish.

It should open Prefs window, show icons and then close it. Using Environment/workbench from AmiKit DOpus5 install it open the window and immediately close it (without show the icons). This is strange and shouldn`t be.
I do not understand what you mean. Did you mean that it works wrong on Amikit's dopus5.82 and on your dopus5.82 ? Or it works wrong on 5.90 only ?

If you choose a directory without an icon (e.g. no present) I get a MuForce hit.
In what version ? 5.82 from amikit ? What you mean by "choice directory" ? Mark it ? Going to it ?

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