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Originally posted by IanS
Pyromania... obviously you can't get any PC stuff that in any way compares to the old Toaster. The digital video world has obviously taken a few steps backwards since then, and the whole world should now use Amiga/toaster combos to produce every bit of digital film footage ever seen. No machine on this planet can produce such good effects as the Toaster, nothing can render effects faster. Toaster is the ULTIMATE! Lightwave on a dual P4 cannot touch the old Lightwave running on your A4000, and Chromakey doesn't exist on the PC/Mac platforms.

Good job we got you here to show us the error of our ways Pyro... you'd better tell all those deluded TV studios just what they need. Especially as Amiga's are selling so well at the moment, and they are just so cheap!

Get real!

Anything that you need to do with video can be achieved on other platforms, even if YOU won't admit it.
IanS you should at least try the Amiga version of the Video Toaster Flyer before you slag it off. I have used many of the video editing solutions on the PC and Windows has turned what was once a Pro market into a low-end $60-150 ultra underpowered market with limited features. Many of the software packages are free like Microsoft's Movie Maker 2 or cheap but lack the full suite of software/hardware needed to be a true TV Studio in a Box. For example

There are exceptions of course. SGI Flint, Flame and Smoke systems are very nice and the PC does have a few good solutions like the Video Toaster [2] or some of the products from Canopus.

But @ the low-end this market is laughable and does not even approach broadcast quality. That must be why many TV stations to this day still use Amiga based Video Toaster solutions. They are replacing them slowly with PC based Video Toaster [2] systems. Why do you think Newtek repairs Amiga Video Toaster & Flyer cards for free? Even shipping them back to you for free? I think your an alright guy IanS and you owned Amiga's @ some point in your past so that makes you cool in my book. Your right about someone buying an Amiga today better have a dealer lined up for repair/tech support or be a techie themselves. But as far as owning a used Amiga Video Toaster Newtek has your ass covered. Also Newtek has been working on a low cost PC Video Toaster [2] DV for a while. Once they release that, those low-end feature lacking slackers better run for cover.

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