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trying to make a filetype to decrunch 7z files (drag and drop) using a cli program named 7za
seems there is a bug on dopus5 when open certain amigaDOS programs, in the case of this cli ouput says "7za failed return code 161"

I know the filetype I did is 100% OK because idem filetype works perfect on Dopus4.16, but on dopus 5 it doesn't

can you help please to solve this/to fix this bug to make a filetype for 7z files?
Can you plz attach your 7za there, so i can play with ?


I got 5.90/5.91 working
Can you say plz what problem was (so we can fix it) ? Is it still was assigns problem ? (if so, we already deal with). As i see on problem for that user was exactly about which i told : assings to old directory. Probably he may copy some old C or LIBS files to his own C/LIBS on system.

In last few days we add some code, which:

1). when you run dopus5 , it automatically will reassing to progdir:
2). added more versioning checks for libs and modules. So even if something will going wrong (like you have old libs/modules in the system:libs/ or something, it will take care of it too

but found a problem with FastIPrefs 40.36b its DOpus5Patch. Without DOpus starts. If you want to check this out get it from aminet.
Will check

I want like to know which modules (e.g. parent.module), Scripts, tools (e.g. the xad stuff), ... is replaced by 5.90+ or isn`t needed more. Would help in merging versions together.
3d party Parent.module not need it anymore : its functional in the dopus5 code itself now.
3d party xadopus.module not need it anymore : we now got sources of it from original author, rewrite it to gcc, fix bugs, update by few features and use it in dopus5 by default now.

Scripts/tools - if there is no new versions of them in 5.90, then just add them and check.

The recommend use 5.90+ as basis isn`t good.
The use of 5.9x as base are necessary now. Because of cross-platform reassons we had to change some things, so users need use 5.90, and then step by step add from their old installs things step by step.

Its not that we just "update" 5.82, 5.90 just fully new version, kind of new start, where language changed, all code changed, so take it as new version which should be installed from scratch (if you check docs from original authors back in past, they ask users to do the same between major versions).

Havn`t checked ViewFont but I always missed the possibility to change font text color and maybe background color.
Check it plz, if it luck some functional, then i can create BZ about and probably we can implement it soon or later.

Get the background colour crash problem on my machine as well.
Yeah, i can reproduce it on any setup, hope in next days we will fix it.

Only question is, is it possible to copy the buttons from my ClassicWB opus config to opus 5? Got them installed in seperate directorys so can still use both of them..

Or even just copy the Arc Ext button across, as Im still a complete newbie with regards to opus.
Should be fine yep

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