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Originally Posted by Michael Sykes View Post
Maybe in 10 years or so we will see a !cheap! FPGA board, that is running a MC68060@300Mhz+AGA.I am really eager to see that!Let's hope I'm right.
But for now we should be happy that our real(20y.o.) hardware still works.
I doubt that the PC I'm typing these lines on will still be in use in 20 years.

And to be honest if there would be some kind of UAE card for my pci port
that would bypass the PC-BIOS and go right into the kickstart to boot into Amiga OS,well I guess I would by it.
Something like Amithlon but as a Hardware solution.I mean CPU is emulating the 68k,sockets for a real kickstart on the pci-card and the customchips are emulated by an fpga.

But maybe it's just time to give AROS another try.
It is of course not Amithlon but at least similar and supporting modern hardware: AMINUX. It is based on Knoppix but immediately starts FS-UAE with AROS Vision. Pascal has promised me to update it with the newest version in near future. Perhaps it might be a option to you.
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