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Is there any way you could beg, borrow or steal another SCSI ZIP drive? (I'd lend you mine, but there's an ocean between us and I do use the Drive quite frequently ).

If you can, then you could daisy chain them on your squirrel (one address "5" and one address "6") and put an MS-DOS ZIP disk in one after you have booted off the other. You could mount the MS-DOS disk with either Cross-DOS (Yuck! ) or with Fat95 (MUCH Better ).

For a little explanation on mounting MS-DOS ZIP Disks using fat95, try reading this post here .

If you can't get your hands on another ZIP Drive, how about a smaller sized 2.5 inch HardDrive (something in the "less than 1 gig" size is getting cheaper all the time!) ? Installing it in your 1200 is a piece of cake, and you can still boot from various ZIPs if that's what you prefer.

I just checked the website of a place that is just down the street from me, and they have a used 200 MG Drive for just $10.00 Canadian! That is only 4.27 UK Pounds! You might have a place near you that offers a similar deal...You could get the Cable on ebay (check here ) or they might have one at the same place you find a HardDrive...

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