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Originally posted by Echo

What a feature

Zip disks and cross-dos become annoying when filenames are truncated to 8.3 on the Amiga side. Means I have to LHA/ZIP everything I transfer, and the A1200 takes hours to unzip large files, lol.

If you like to transfer stuff between the Amiga and WinDoze using ZIP Disks, I would highly recommend Fat 95 available at aminet. It's free and it's much better than CrossDOS because it has no 8.3 restrictions! Plus, it works on any WorkBench from 1.3 to 3.1 (never tried it with 3.5/3.9, but it should work there too) Just download it from aminet here and install it as per instructions. Then place a new entry in Devs:dosdrivers/ called ZPC0: (or whatever else you wanna call it ) with the following contents:

FileSystem = L:fat95
Flags = 1
Surfaces = 1
BlocksPerTrack = 68
Reserved = 0
PreAlloc = 0
Interleave = 0
LowCyl = 0
HighCyl = 2890
Buffers = 100
BufMemType = 1
MaxTransfer = 0x00ffffff
Mask = 0xffffffff
DosType = 0x46415401
GlobVec = -1
StackSize = 8192
Mount = 1
Priority = 10
Device = scsi.device
Unit = 5

(If you're running Workbench 2.0 or less, you can copy the above entry into your MountList).
Of course, you will have to replace "scsi.device" with whatever SCSI Device you use (i.e. I use "squirrelscsi.device" on my A1200 using a Squirrel SCSI), and you will have to replace "5" (the "Unit" Value) with whatever SCSI address you are using for your ZIP Drive (usually 5 or 6 for an external drive), and ensure that L:fat95" is where you installed the Fat95 file system.

After a reboot (or after you mount the ZPC0: Device), your Amiga will read and write to MS-DOS (Fat-32 or Fat-16) formatted ZIP Disks without any 8.3 file-name restrictions. The only downfall is that it does not appear to preserve the Amiga file-comment when you transfer a file to your PC, because fat95 uses this area to store file-date information. However, if the file had no comment, this is not an issue

It works just as well with MS-DOS Floppy disks if you use the Mountlist / Dosdriver included in the fat95 package.
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