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Will the AmigaONE be compatable with current games, or software in general for Amiga (Im sorry about this, Im just clearing it up..)
The AmigaOne only runs software that does not require the custom chips. In other words: 99,9% of the games released in 1997 or earlier won't run (and most of the game released since then will work). Most of the applications released since 1995 will work, and most (at least many) older ones will work too (notable exceptions: DPaint, (True)Brilliance and Scala - these won't work).

Also, about Hyperion Entertainment, are they still active? They havent posted any news for a long time.
You should visit some Amiga related news sites from time to time. I suggest and

About two weeks ago, Hyperion announced that Scitech's SNAP technology will be included with AmigaOS4 (this means that AmigaOS4 will support about 180 different graphics chipsets). Here's the announcement.

About one week ago, Ben Hermans (Hyperion manager, project manager of OS4) was interviewed by

Additionally, Ben Hermans (nick: "HyperionMP") and the two most important OS4 developers Hans-Jörg Frieden ("Rogue") and Thomas Frieden ("EnthilZa") regularly take part in discussions.

Also, did they ever release the full version of Freespace, once I decide on my Amgia path, I would love to get that game....
Yes, Descent Freespace was released about 14 months ago, it can be ordered from any Amiga dealer. Descent Freespace runs fine on a 68060 btw., no PPC required. Hyperion already released another game (Quake 2) in the meantime.

About Internet and Word Processing, what kind of options are in this department of software?
I assume that "internet software" means "web browser", right? IBrowse 2.3 was released a few weeks ago, which is quite a step forward. Currently IBrowse 3.0 is in development, which will feature an official Flash plugin, CSS support and more cool stuff.

The word processor Papyrus will be released for OS4. OpenOffice will be ported, but that will take a while (i.e. don't expect a release this year).

Is there any Instant Messaging apps?
AmigaAIM (AIM client), StrICQ (ICQ client) and Jabberwocky (which supports most of the other protocols).

Also since I am a new Amiga user, would it be wise just to get the low-end AmigaONE G3 -SE? Or should I save up for a higer range one...
The first batch of AmigaOne-G3 motherboards is already sold out. I'm not sure if there will be another production run anytime soon. After the AmigaOne-XE was announced most people were no longer interested in the AmigaOne-G3. The XE is the better machine anyway (newer chipset revision, audio onboard, dual-CPU modules are already in production).

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