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Originally Posted by kas1e View Post

Did you mean it crashes to guru just with pure workbench/unarc ? If so, then that issues with 68k xadmaster/xad7zip.
yep you are right I tried unarc, it crashed not to guru but cashed anyways
that xad7z is very buggy I deleted it


trying to make a filetype to decrunch 7z files (drag and drop) using a cli program named 7za
seems there is a bug on dopus5 when open certain amigaDOS programs, in the case of this cli ouput says "7za failed return code 161"

I know the filetype I did is 100% OK because idem filetype works perfect on Dopus4.16, but on dopus 5 it doesn't

can you help please to solve this/to fix this bug to make a filetype for 7z files?
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