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Originally Posted by matthey View Post
The Amiga computers aren't getting any younger or cheaper either. At some point we will need whole new replacement boards. It's kool to show off a '90s computer with a fast accelerator but it would be good to get rid of the bottlenecks at some point. Also, modern I/O like USB, ethernet, DVI and/or SATA would be convenient.

I know there are some fpga experts lurking around this forum even. There are community members capable of creating whole emulated computer hardware in an fpga which is very impressive. Very few have an in depth understanding of modern processor design. There are a few people like Tobi Flex (TG68) and maybe Yaqube (or was it Mike who added the cache to the TG68) who could contribute but they would probably be learning more than they were contributing at first.

You probably wouldn't get a full featured accelerator for $200 (unless that is AU dollars which are worth more than U.S. monopoly money). I pushed for more memory on the next accelerator but each chip over 64MB needs another memory chip which increases complexity, board size and cost a little per chip. My starting request was for 256MB but I just hope I get my comprise of 128MB. The next accelerator won't be for big box Amigas or ever the 1200 where it probably makes sense to add more memory.

Selectable slots for cores and 1MB MAPROM kickstarts would be awesome but we will have to see what is practical.

The next target Amigas for the accelerator will probably not have any IDE to disable. SATA requires high speed transceivers in the fpga which adds significantly to the cost. More likely is a single CF slot in place of IDE but supporting better (lower CPU use) transfer modes than the Amiga 1200 or 600 IDE. The fpga may be able to handle some of the work in parallel to the fpga CPU without creating another CPU instance. There will likely not be a helper CPU (controller) for I/O like the fpga Arcade ARM processor and the original CPU probably needs to be disabled when the fpga CPU is used. I am not a hardware guru and I don't know what Majsta will come up with so I'm only letting you know what I expect.
matt, one step at a time please, we dont wanna natami syndrom again. as soon aa the accells sell off one might aim at the whole systems again. but let that happen first.
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