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Originally Posted by matthey View Post
Programming an fpga is specialized and more difficult than most software programming. Designing and implementing a modern pipelined processor in fpga is even more specialized. I doubt there would be very many qualified individuals in the Amiga community that could contribute to the fpga CPU design and programming. The community could be instrumental in testing and debugging the CPU. The community would also be needed to fund fpga hardware with purchases.
I never said it would be easy, just that it was a great opportunity for the retro community. Let's face it, real Amiga 060 accelerators aren't getting any younger and are also on the expensive side even if you do manage to find one.

You'd be surprised at the FPGA skills that exist either in the community or at least are lurking around the edges. It looks like this Phoenix core is already basically 'working' so it might not take too much work to complete it.

My dream would be for AmigaKit to sell FPGA accelerators with a warranty for A1200/A2000/A3000/A4000 at less than $200. These accelerators would all share the same basic design to reduce costs and would have a decent amount of FASTRAM (say 512 MB). The FPGA core would be constantly improved (speed/compatibly/enhancements) either open source or not.

It would be really cool to have a new boot menu and choose if you wanted to start up with a 14Mhz 68020, Blizzard 1230 Mrk4 or 100Mhz Apollo freaky would that be

I was thinking, how practical would it be to have an IDE/SATA controller on an FPGA based accelerator card (using a patched scsi.device) and then disabling the on-board IDE. I was thinking about the performance benefit of offloading the HD controller to a separate small FPGA CPU instance, not sure how practical or complicated that would be to achieve.

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