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using xadopen here it leads direct to a guru crash
but if works there maybe is xad library issue or 7zip module
which version of xad library are u using? which 7zip xad module version?
I currently test it on os4 (os3 version), where i have:

6/20.RAM Disk: Dopus5> version full libs:xadmaster.library
xadmaster.library 13.1 (03/19/2006)
AmigaOS4 BETA (LGPL) by Dirk Stцcker <>

6/0.RAM Disk: Dopus5> version full libs:xad/7z
7-Zip 2.4 (09/18/2010)
I also tried on my os3 winaue setup, but there i didn't have 7zip xad module installed. Will check if there any working one for os3. Did you have a link on xad-7zip for os3 ?


The old assign isn`t the problem because I used directory for that assign (renamed the 5.82 and copied 5.90 to the assign directory).
Can you try plz that version:

I tried this but after launching directoryopus nothing (ok, adddatatypes requester appeared) happens (DOpus isn`t started, no menu, no button, nothing) but some fastmem was eaten eacht time I tried to launch directoryopus. At least there isn`t any crash/freeze.
Can you plz post there:

1. your s:startup-sequence
2. your s:user-startup
3. output of "assign" command typed in shell and redirected to some file.

But only full ones, without any cut parts.

I read on forum that a user had similar problem on Peg-II with Os4.1.6. After start he got DSI DataStorageInput error.
That intersting, as that is first os4 user who have problems. Can you point him to contact me at plz ? I basically need from him the same 3 things. And i also need crashlog from debug version of his crash.

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