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What a relief Good ! What happens is: once you run it, dopus5 found assign and start load things from (library, modules, etc). Through probably we need add one more check there and safe exit/warning about. Probably just reassing of dopus5: assign on every run will deal with, so no old assigns will be in use. We have in TODO to get rid from assigns at all as well (so pure PROGDIR: and co), but that for TODO.

Btw, long filenames still not fixed (limited the same to 107 chars), that last "heavy" part we need to fix, as it will requere some major changes, so we leave it till next release.

Plz test it heavy, we curently works on fastfix release where hope to fix all bugs users found in 5.90, so more found, better release and we can spend time on new features/etc.


So seems you only one for who it crashes now. Did it crash for you the same as for Sandro: i.e. no progress bar, just crash right at begining ? If so, can you then before tests do that:

- unpack somewhere
- hard reboot without running dopus5 (not in replacement mode, not from wb)
- "newcli"
- "assign dopus5: path_where_new_dopus5_placed"
- "cd dopus5:"
- "directoryopus"

By that way we will know if there is some assign flying around which just make the same problem as for Sandro or not.

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