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Assign not need it if you didn't have some old one (then it will create auto assign on start to the directory from where you run it). But if before you have dopus5: assign somewhere, then things can go weird, as some data can be grabbed from previous install.

it seems is some issue with 0S3.9 or P96
are u sure dopus 5.90 works on them ? have you tried it ?
Yes of course we test it on about 3-4 different real 68k setups , and on few winuaes. But seem still miss something somewhere.

I also tried it right now on my fullblown winaue too: 3.9os + p96, all works. In "about" of workbench i have:

Kickstart version 45.57
Workbench version 45.3
Manual versioning give me:

ram:> version full dh0:libs/workbench.library
workbench.library 45.127 (02/21/2001)

ram:> version full dh0:libs/Picasso96API.library
Picasso96API.library 2.300 (09/19/1999)
Probably something else..

When it crashes actually ? I mean, did it show for you progress bar at all ? Will you in interest in some remote-debug tests, if i will send you version with kprinfs, and you will catch via sashimi when crashes happens ?
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