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I think this is the most interesting development in the Amiga scene over the past few years

We have our first functioning FPGA accelerator board (thanks to Majsta) and an advanced CPU core under development (Phoenix).

Personally I find this direction much more exciting than a completely new motherboard design like the over ambitious Natami. The Vampire board itself is obviously a bit limited but it's only the first attempt at creating a Classic FPGA accelerator. If the Phoenix core can be properly developed by the community hopefully somebody will be given enough of an incentive to develop more advanced FPGA boards for A1200's and big box Amigas.

The Classic community has a real opportunity here to develop a very fast and compatible CPU that can be based on a combination of instructions from 020/040/060. Because a modern board can have much faster memory access (and a larger cache) than the old Classic accelerators it should be possible to create a very special board.

As far as I can tell, all we need now to move things forward are for some talented FPGA coders in the Classic community to invest in Vampire boards and help develop this CPU core.

Would it be possible to set up some kind of bounty for this important project?

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