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Originally Posted by jbenam View Post
I was just carrying on what everyone said. I was on the Natami forum as an anonymous lurker - it was a complete mess. You'd have people talking about unrealistic things all over the place, a lot of Staff Members (there were probably more staffers than active users on that forum)... It was confusing as hell. You just had the impression that all the good work was being done behind the scenes.

By they way, I didn't do any names, so don't feel offended. I wasn't pointing to anyone in particular.

Actually his decision to go private happened something like 1 year ago. Not years ago.
You can't just design a full-blown enhanced Amiga clone in 2-3 years, especially if you have a job and a family.
just a small correction, not one years ago but almost two (18.May 2012). Yes it was difficult to understand what were ideas and what only talk. Thomas Hirsch could have corrected that by a simple blog or a letter or similar. But that would have been "pressure" already. The "talk" outside did not really stop Thomas Hirsch because he kept everything to himself. When I left I heard that I could have known more when I would have joined a dev group. I can understand that people were confused by the whole situation but that the project failed is not caused by the "team" but that the dev could obviously not finish it (and not finished it up to today). Such projects are too much for one developer, expecially if done in spare time.
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