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Originally Posted by kas1e View Post

Tried your config, just changed to use:

- Kickstart v3.1 rev 40.68 (1993)(Commodore)(A1200).rom
- boot from my fresh/clean wb3.1 installation without any additional data
- add one of my hdds where dopus5 os3 version unpacked to be mouned on boot.

And then:

- newcli
- cd windh_d:amiga/dopus5/
- directoryopus

and it runs/works.

If you can do more testing, plz do. I only have "fresh" winaue install with pure wb3.1 for tests.

Probably bug is the same and for daxb, will be good to nail this down and fix.
it seems is some issue with 0S3.9 or P96
are u sure dopus 5.90 works on them ? have you tried it ?
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