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Originally Posted by alexh View Post
Jens Kuenzer (aka Deep Sub Micron) and Christoph Hoehne are quoted as doing some reasonable work too on the 680x0 RTL CPU but last I heard they are still trying (together with Majesta) to get it to work well in it's new guise as "Apollo/Pheonix".

The others (especially Gunnar von Boehn) all appeared at first glance to be all talk and no talent. One of the main reasons Natami has never had a public release.
You did see this thread didn't you?

Gunnar always gets the blame for the failure of Natami but there is more to it than that. He's a big dreamer no doubt. However, the Apollo and Phoenix cores would not exist without him. The partnership with Majsta and the Phoenix core working on the Vampire would not have happened without him. Yes, Jens and Chris have been instrumental in the CPU project but Gunnar has done his share of the work and more. I believe ThomasH had some technical problems and the Natami board was expensive for anything short of perfection. Gunnar did hype up the project which gained a lot of momentum (good in a way). Gunnar did try to push the project forward (also good in a way). ThomasH and Gunnar have very different personalities and philosophies. It's too bad they didn't find more middle ground which would have been good for the project. Gunnar should have taken a lower profile with less hype and focused on the CPU. ThomasH should have been more assertive about what he wanted early and should not have pulled the plug. Yes, people say that Natami was too expensive and outdated by the time he pulled the plug but it would still be the best and fastest Amiga ever running the full Apollo CPU today.
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