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Originally Posted by voyager View Post
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I also tried with another Amiga 500 with a "hacked" 68000/14.2Mhz and it seems to work fine too. I was wondering though, if it could be possible to double the transfer speed in case of an amiga with 68000/14Mhz (as it is now,it works with exactly the same speed like on a stock A500). The 'E' clock signal from a double clocked 68000 cpu it's also doubled, and this 'E' signal drives the 2 I/O CIA chips, where one of them controls the floppy drive signals. Also, i'm pretty sure that paula, which is responsible for the actual encoding/decoding of the mfm data stream from/to the floppy drive is capable of doing it in double speed.
If paula was capable of double speed, then why is a amiga HD floppydrive spinning at half RPM in HD mode? It's to reduce the reduce the data rate right?
There is quite a bit about why it doesn't work here :

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