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Unfortunately, there isn`t a install/use documentation in the archive. My first think over was how can I start/use it. A simple replace with the old version don`t work. If you use 5.82 as WB replacement you have no chance to run 5.90.

DOpus 5.90+ must check if DOpus is already running and then throw a reqeuster like 5.82 it does. Much better then crash or other strange things. Btw. it doesn`t make any sense running DOpus several times. So you can avoid such things.

How handles 5.90 the old dopus: assing? In my case it is a DEFER assign so it woun`t made if nobody "asks" for it.

I only know C:LoadDB, libs:dopus5.library and some ENV vars. Anything else what could mess with 5.90? I`ve ignored the ENV vars when I replaced 5.82 with 5.90 what might introduce problems.
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