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Originally Posted by jbenam View Post
It's just "two more weeks" Afaik, the original author said that he will keep working on it, but only in private.

Most of the "Natami Team" (did those guys actually do any real work?) just made promises all over the place, so I'm actually happy that the author is going to work on it all by himself.

Who knows, maybe one of this days we will see a finished Natami posted online somewhere

By the way, the nearest thing to a Natami is the FPGAArcade Replay 060 Expansion Board, which it seems is still coming.

And well, then there you have Jens' super-secret Amiga project...
Everybody seems to be a expert for Natami and all related events. You were involved in everything related and what was happening behind the scene? What nick did you have? Cannot remember you. And you know Thomas Hirsch and what he thinks? And Thomas Hirsch had all the time of the world to continue with it on its own. It is now years ago. Where are the results of your hero?
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