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Don't mess old 5.82 with 5.90 in any case. It will not works 100%. Libraries different, modules different. Sad that it crashes for you, we of course test it before release on different 68k setups. Will try to reproduce on winaue with your settings. But be 101% sure you do not mess it with any old files. I.e. reboot/unpack/dbl-click. Also, be sure you didn't have dopus5: assign to some old place.

Tried right now on winuae, where setup it as a1200/4mb, ks3.0 and 68020 and it works. What your settings ? (if you can upload your winuae config that can be even better). Also be sure that you didn't have some old dopus5: assign to some other place (like old 5.82 install)
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