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Sourcefroge don`t like me. So can`t use bugtracker. Here we go:

When I start DirectoryOpus 5.90 [OS3] (10.05.2014) it just crahs or freeze.

When I boot my normal DOpus5.82 as WB replacement and start DirectoryOpus 5.90 my system crash:
Date : Sunday 11-May-14 15:16:12
Task : 01A85640 "DirectoryOpus"
Error : 80000006 (DEADEND)
By : System: no alert occured
Cause : Check instruction error

When I replace the DOpus5.82 directory with 5.90 and the old LoadDB/dopus5.library with the new one and reboot my system freeze while loading DOpus.

My config:
Central Processing Unit: MC68040 40.0 MHz
Floating Point Unit: 68040fpu 40.0 MHz
Memory Management Unit: 68040mmu running
Custom graphics chip: AGA Lisa 4203 (rev 0)
Custom animation chip: AGA PAL Alice 8374 2M (rev 3-4)
Other custom chip(s): Paula 8364 (rev 0), Gayle (rev 13)
Graphics system: Amiga AGA display bandwidth: 4x
Hardware Clock: clock found, sunday 11-may-2014 15:56:53
Max. Chipmem available: 2032 K
Max. Fastmem available: 32256 K
ROM chip version: 40.68 (Kickstart 3.1)
ReKicked ROM, version: 40.68 (Kickstart 3.1)
Workbench version: 40.42 (Workbench 3.1)
SetPatch version: 43.7
Expansion board(s):
8738/35: Apollo A 630 68030/40/60 Accelerator (@$00EA0000 128k)
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