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Originally Posted by tomse View Post
just to kill your so called fact, the "win xp only" part..
you're wrong..
The issue around flashing can be the driver of the cheap serial interfaces and Win7.

That being said, I have one of the cheap usb to serial converters, but I've flashed all my gotek drives (so far 5) on Win7 x64.

and I haven't had any issues with any of my usb drives, of which some are received as commercials.. so probably very cheap.
I have also tried for almost 2 hours to make the flashing under win 7/64 (i also tried specific drivers for the specific chip of my usb to serial adapter and not the generic windows driver, and make the loopback test successfully) using a cheap usb to serial converter with no results.In the end i thought something wrong with my gotek, until i tried to do it under win xp and everything worked fine!
So i really can't see why your experience should be considered as a "fact" or more "valid" than mine!
As for the issues with usb sticks i also had, i clearly mentioned that probably this is a connector's problem with my gotek and NOT with the firmware!
In the end,i only expressed my personal experience and NOTHING more, and i can't understand why someone would have a problem with that...

Btw,contrary to Nobby_UK's experience i tried a couple of sd card's using a cheap usb adapter and worked fine for me!
But certainly i can't claim that my experience "kill the fact" that someone else would probably have also problems with adapters as Nobby_Uk had...

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