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I just tried a gotek emulator with my A500 too.
Apart from the fact that, in order to flash the new firmware you need to do it under windows xp only (at least this seems to be the way, if you are going to use a cheap usb to rs232 adapter) and that he didn't seem to work with all 3 usb sticks i tried (possibly this is caused by a crappy usb connector on the gotek i bought, which doesn't make good contact with all usb sticks plugged) it works just fine!
I also tried with another Amiga 500 with a "hacked" 68000/14.2Mhz and it seems to work fine too. I was wondering though, if it could be possible to double the transfer speed in case of an amiga with 68000/14Mhz (as it is now,it works with exactly the same speed like on a stock A500).
The 'E' clock signal from a double clocked 68000 cpu it's also doubled, and this 'E' signal drives the 2 I/O CIA chips, where one of them controls the floppy drive signals. Also, i'm pretty sure that paula, which is responsible for the actual encoding/decoding of the mfm data stream from/to the floppy drive is capable of doing it in double speed. So if gotek could send/receive data in double rate maybe you could have a "drive" working at double speed! :-)
So if the only issue is changing the setting of bitrate of the mfm stream in gotek firmware, and if this is rather easy to be done, maybe it's worth to give it a try! ;-)
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