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I had the same issue and I tried everything until iI found the solution. This works 100% to all the machines. So ...


Re-format the card under windows (NOT a quick format, but a full format).
Select FAT (or FAT16 not FAT32) and 64KB.

Under WinUAE

Install the WinUAE 2.3.1 not later because the option to format the CF cards is disabled.
Select Amiga1200 and use Kickstart 3.1 .
Select DF0: the INSTALL_3.1.adf disk and as Hard Drive press “Add Hard Drive” and select the CF Card. Select the IDE0 and “Read/Write” option.
Boot Amiga through WinUAE.
Got to INSTALL_3.1. disk and inside the HDTools drawer select the HDToolBox.
Press the “Change Drive” and Read the configuration from CF. Press Save.
Go to “Partition Drive” and make the partitions as you wish. Press the “Advance Options” and deselect the “International Mode” from ALL the partitions.
Press the “Save” and Reboot the Amiga.
Now in WinUAE remove the INSTALL_3.1 adf from DF0: and Insert the WORKBENCH_3.1 adf .
Start Amiga and wait until the Workbench boots.
Now in Workbench will be the partitions you make with the NDOS at the name.
Select the drive you want and from top menu press “Format”.
Select the “FastFileSystem” and deselect the “International” and the “Trashcan”.
Press the “Quick Format” (NO NEED THE FULL FORMAT).
Wait until the Format finish.
You are done !!
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