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Hold on ...

I was wondering, how they made then on BitWorld those pictures!

(on BitWorld is not mentioned OCS/ECS or AGA, so that must probably confused me while was testing problematic OCS/ECS demos)

So, it seems to work now on Quickstart A1200 (basic) WinUAE setting ! (tested on latest 2.8.0)

Note: Insert the 1st disk after WB screen is shown, otherwise maybe it wont boot!

(Also it wont boot if cycle-exact mode is OFF!)

So it works, but anyway got a black screen on disk 2 after reaching track 61 ?! (perhaps an QS A1200 CE issue!)

Hmm, now I am a little confused ... so, this must be then an AGA demo and not OCS/ECS demo ?! (it needs to be tested on an real basic A1200)
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