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Resolution Autoswitch Plus Auto Resize Crash

WinUae v2.8 Public Beta 19 2014.4.29 (Also same results with winUae 2.7 Official)

Os - Xp Pro 32bit SP3 - 2gb - 2.7ghz dual Core Amd

Changing from Always on Resolution Autoswitch to Disabled while emulation is going crashes every time when emulated software/game makes a resolution change. (Using Dpain III to test with changing screenmode prefs to try and reproduce crash)

It doesn't seem to crash if left alone after emulation has started. It's more noticeable if using Res autoswitch + Auto Resize filer. Res Autoswitch doesn't change line mode on the fly as I would have thought it would. This causes some screens to have squished text or gfx inside the window if for instance switching from

Is this normal?
Is there anything additional I must understand to include a better description of the problem?

The last two times it crashed it was forced to "Task Manage and close winUae" with version Beta 19. Wasn't allowed to press the ok button it just stuck there with blank output after the popup giving the error notes.

Here is the dump file:
(Exception Information: The thread tried to read from or write to a virtual address for which it does not have the appropriate)

Dump File
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