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thanks for your answer,

Concerning the gain "problem" I have, I know it's a very uncommon setup. My goal is to mix everything "soft" (Ardour maybe) and control with midi controllers (no external audio mixing).

But that's a provisional setup ! As soon as I can afford, I'll buy a 2nd amiga (a600 or better, a a1200, since if I understood correctly, the 2 things important in PT1210 are chip memory available and kickstart version, at least for now ?) and a DJ mixer.

I stopped vinyl turntables mixing 10years ago and tracking around 15years ago...Now I'm using a linux low latency setup, digital djing mostly, even if I also bought Renoise tracker. But I wanted to try to integrate my amiga inside this "full digital" setup, as at least a proof of concept.

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