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Hey demether:

Originally Posted by demether View Post
I will have to find a cheap a1200, since I readed that it was best to not mix diferent models together ?
This is not necessarily true. There are differences in the sound of the A600 but they can be fixed, and the slight timing discrepancies btween the two are a non issue, the difference is tiny and you can correct the tempo if needs be if something goes out of sync. Yoou know, vinyl decks don't stay in sync either

I cannot mute 2 (or more) tracks simultaneously. It would be cool to do this.
This is a limitation of the A1200 keyboard hardware. It works fine on other Amigas. There's no fix for this ;(

It would be cool if you could post (pdf maybe) your functions stencils (wich we can see on your videos) you put on your amigas.
I know, I'm working on it!

having the BPM shown in the "mods crate" windows
YOu mea nthe BPM of the curently playung tune? Because the BPM of modules appears there.

As for organizing, you can sort by BPM or by alphabetical order.

I don't recommend huge mod collections in one folder as I mentioned before and there's an actual limit of 200 per directory. Read the previous posts for explanation.

I'll post the startup sequence later, I just forgot an I am abroad.
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