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AmigaONE and Games

I have to vote stupidity to the Amiga scene, just so you know before my little question.

Will the AmigaONE be compatable with current games, or software in general for Amiga (Im sorry about this, Im just clearing it up..)

Also, about Hyperion Entertainment, are they still active? They havent posted any news for a long time. Also, did they ever release the full version of Freespace, once I decide on my Amgia path, I would love to get that game....

About Internet and Word Processing, what kind of options are in this department of software? Is there any Instant Messaging apps?

Also since I am a new Amiga user, would it be wise just to get the low-end AmigaONE G3 -SE? Or should I save up for a higer range one...
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