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Toni Wilen
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It is a bug and not a bug.. (I guessed what happens without testing)

68020+ modes have audio hack that stops audio immediately when audio DMA is disabled to prevent programs that have CPU audio DMA wait delays to execute too fast in 68020+ modes. (=missing samples etc.., this is very common, on real hardware slow chip ram accesses can hide this bug easily)

But this game needs the delay.

Real problem is design flaw in Paula audio hardware, there is no 100% reliable way to know if audio channel is idle or still active and it is not possible to force it to immediate idle state. (except wait long enough and waste time)

Next version will disable this hack when using 68020 "cycle-exact" mode because it should be slow enough since 2.7.0 but it won't fix 68020+ non-ce modes. At least in JIT modes it is impossible to emulate it correctly.
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